Film Night at Tahoe Blue Event Center for the film "Stewart Udall: The Politics of Beauty." The life and legacy of unsung hero Stewart Udall, one of America's most effective environmentalists in his role as Secretary of the Interior protecting our shared natural heritage and beauty. 


A cash bar will be open at 6:00 pm and the 78-minute film will be followed by live Q&A with the co-producer, Kevin White. 

About Kevin White


Kevin White is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a focus on environmental and social issues. Within his 40 year career he has 25+ films in distribution, including his most recent feature film, Wilder than Wild: Fire, Forests and the Future, which has had 450+ community screenings and more than 1,000 broadcasts on PBS.  His work has been screened at SF International Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, Hot Docs, PBS, Nat Geo, Bravo and many other festivals, broadcasters, and VOD platforms.


Kevin is the Co-Founder and Executive Director for Filmmakers Collaborative SF, a media nonprofit with a mission to catalyze positive change through the power of filmmaking. He is an Executive Producer on Stewart Udall: the Politics of Beauty.


Join Us for a Film Night at NORC!

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Location: Tahoe Blue Event Center (Lapis, Cobalt, Sapphire Rooms)


STEWART UDALL: The Politics of Beauty examines the trajectory of Udall's life from his childhood through his Mormon mission, his World War II service, his student years at the University of Arizona, his time in Congress, and then, most significantly, his years as Secretary of the Interior under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, focusing on his effectiveness as a dedicated, bi-partisan public servant.


The film introduces us to the early inception of modern environmental politics, to figures like Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, and David Brower. Udall fought tirelessly against greed and injustice, and for the protection of our planet and its natural beauty. Throughout the film, we see how Udall's ideas evolved, best illustrated in his conversion from a pro-power dam Arizona representative to the Interior Secretary who dealt the death blow to more proposed Grand Canyon dams. He acknowledged his mistakes while also doing his best to find common ground within the political process.

After his work as a politician, the film highlights his long fight to win compensation for Navajo Indians and "downwinders" who acquired cancer from their exposure to radiation during the Cold War atomic bomb testing - without being warned of the dangers!


Udall was also a well-respected author who called on all Americans to move away from our emphasis on economic growth and consumerism toward quality of life, and a new political ethos centered on beauty, simplicity, appreciation of nature and the arts, and a recognition of Earth's limits - a message that still resonates today!