Since 1983, the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP) has been serving the outdoor recreation profession. It is the nation’s leading association of outdoor recreation and related professionals who strive to protect our natural and cultural resources while providing sustainable recreation access.

Our Vision

The Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals creates sustainable outdoor recreation opportunities for all. 

Our Mission

SORP provides leadership for the outdoor recreation profession through skill development, networking, and technical guidance.

Our Values

  1. Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Our organization is strengthened by the diversity of thoughts, experiences, and connections of the outdoor recreation professionals who work to provide outdoor recreation for all.
  2. Sustainable Recreation: We embrace and share our members’ work that demonstrates sustainable balance among environmental, social, and economic conditions and benefits present and future generations of all backgrounds.
  3. People: Our strength is the passion, diversity, knowledge, and leadership of our members and the outdoor recreation profession.
  4. Community: We thrive in the opportunity to support lasting connections and the cultivation of shared purpose in serving the recreating public.
  5. Collaboration: We embrace diverse collaborations to advance the outdoor recreation profession and foster meaningful and lasting relationships.
  6. Skill Development: We believe that a fulfilling career includes life-long learning and evolves to be responsive to changing conditions. 


  1. We provide a support and collaboration network for outdoor recreation professionals through communities of practice, web-based tools, and gatherings.
  2. We serve as a confluence for resources, tools, information, and innovation provided by our network of outdoor recreation professionals.
  3. We advance skill development and training by creating and disseminating high-quality learning opportunities through webinars, gatherings, and our annual conference.
  4. We promote the scholarship and advancement of students and new professionals by providing monetary support and development opportunities.
  5. We contribute leadership on contemporary policy issues relevant to outdoor recreation by participating in national forums and gatherings, and supporting applicable position statements.