2021 National Outdoor Recreation Conference (virtual)
Outdoor Recreation: From Resilience to Transformation
November 8-10, 2021

These are pivotal times for outdoor recreation and our theme for this specific conference is "Outdoor Recreation: From Resilience to Transformation". We'll be diving into examples of successful outdoor recreation research, planning, and/or management that demonstrate transformability in response to changing conditions and disruption. What is transformability? On the spectrum of resilience, adaptability, and transformability, transformability is "the capacity to create a fundamentally new system when ecological, economic, and/or social conditions make the existing system untenable." (Walker, B.H. and D. Salt. 2006. Resilience Thinking: Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World.) Our expert presenters will share stories and examples from the field of transformative solutions of any scale that address the biggest challenges in outdoor recreation – whether they be social, environmental, or economic.

Registration is OPEN! Access the conference app and all of the recorded sessions until (at least) February 8, 2022.
$50/full-conference SORP members, $75/full-conference non-members
$35/day SORP members, $50/day non-members