2017 Conference Proceedings - Scottsdale, Arizona

Select presentations from the 2017 National Outdoor Recreation Conference are posted below.

2017 Conference Program

May 1, 2017

SCORP University
Martha Droge, National Park Service
 - Arizona Innovations & Efficiencies
 - Flip Chart Notes
 - SCORP Essential Requirements & Techniques

Marketing Plan 101
Dylan Packebush and Melissa Chew, GreenPlay, LLC

Are you Ready for REDI? How to move forward with relevancy, equity, inclusion, and diversity in the outdoor recreation sector.
Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin and Ava Holliday, The Avarna Group

Why Do I need to be Ready for REDI?
Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin – Founding Partner, The Avarna Group
Ava Holliday – Founding Partner, The Avarna Group

We All Belong Outdoors Plenary
Moderator: Francisco Valenzuela – Southwestern Region Recreation Director, USDA Forest Service

Omero Torres – District Ranger, USDA Forest Service
José González – Founder, Latino Outdoors
Shonto Greyeyes – Southwest Conservation Corps
Phil Henderson - Osprey
Danelle D Harrison – District Ranger, Kaibab National Forest
Kyung Koh Willis – Recreation Planner, USDA Forest Service Region 3

Poster Session

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Outreach Project to Hispanic Visitors in State Parks
Linda Barker and Kevin Chesley

Getting More In and Out of the Quicksand
Michael Bradley and Charles Mullins

At-Risk Students: Building Inclusiveness in an Outdoor Pursuits Program
Alex Rhue

Social media for communicating outdoor recreation research
Jordan Smith and Lael Gilbert

Conservation Corps and 21CSC
Lindsay Thalacker, Dave Bastian, and Paul Schmidt

UCC & USFS: Creating Inclusive & Accessible Opportunity
Lindsay Thalacker and Dave Bastian

Using GPS Visitor Tracking to evaluate visitor travel patterns at Cumberland Island National Seashore
Brian Peterson, Matthew Brownlee, and Ryan Sharp

Strategic Engagements – Seeking Community Input
Melissa Chew

Using motion-activated photography to evaluate outdoor recreation activity
Milo Neild, Matthew Brownlee, and Brian Peterson

Outdoor Recreation Planning & Visitor Outreach
Tom Landers

Resident Perceptions of Black Bear Population Management
Michael Bradley and Ryan Sharp

Obtaining night access to parks or how to expand programming opportunities
Russell Crispell

Visitor management at a Wild and Scenic River System
Geoffrey Riungu, Jeffrey Hallo, and Jessica Fefer

Leveraging a Friends Association of an Iconic Western National Park
Jada Lindblom, Kari Roberg, Christine Vogt, and Kathleen Andereck

The white lake revival: A case study of environmental crisis and inclusive future for outdoor recreation improvement (work with civil society organizations) in Urmia Lake.
Sara Dadras, Gizem Montague, and Atabak Sadeghi Naibin

Exploring the Potential for a Broad-based Collaborative Study of Current Nature-Based Tourism and Recreation Resource Use in the Rocky Mountain Region
Todd Franks, Alan Bright, Sam Martin, and Natalie Ooi

Less is More sub urban journeys
Mark Jones

Rock-Crawling as an Outdoor Recreation Activity: Motivations and Challenges
Tannaz Soltani and Lowell Caneday

Interagency Visitor Use Management Council, products and tools for proactive visitor use management
Rachel Franchina

May 2, 2017

Measuring benefits from community-led conservation projects
Jordan Smith and Stephan Nofield

Advancing Outdoor Stewardship: A Toolkit
Anna Zawisza

Parks and Trails as Cultural Icons
Scott Crawford

Providing Outdoor Recreation/Adventure in the South: The Barriers, Culture, and Opportunities
Todd Davis

A Whole New Story: Re-examining Conservation's History
Paul Sanford and Hannah Malvin

A Regional Education Partnership for Relevancy and Learning
Briget Eastep

The Stories of Change: Sustaining Change through Personal Narrative
MG Devereux

Data Diversification: Measuring & Mapping Recreational Use with Social Media
Sarah Lange, Dave Redman, and Spencer Wood

Engaging youth in conservation & stewardship with technology
Mary Clark and Vicki Israel

Overcoming Racial and Income Inequity in Trail Access
Kelly Pohl

Designing trails for “Experience” to increase relevancy
Patrick Kell

Maryland State Parks Diversity and Inclusion Efforts: Staff Perspectives and Media Reporting
Natalia Buta

Diversity: A Reflection of your Staff
Clifton McIntosh

Urban Youth and the Value of an Outreach Strategy
Cassidy Jones and Matt Brownlee

Latino Outdoors: Using Storytelling and Social Media to Increase Diversity on Public Lands
David Flores

Defining the office for outdoor recreation industry surrounding diversity and inclusion
Luis Benitez

The Forest Services' Southwest Region Sustainable Recreation Strategy: Goals, Process, Outcomes
Steven Selin, Francisco Valenzuela, and Jeremy Golston

Fossil Creek: Rebirth, Rediscovery, and Evolving Management
Marcos Roybal, Adam Barnett, Andi Rogers, and Scott Rogers

Trail Planning for the Professional
Meredith Lockwood

Schools on Trails
Michael Downs and Brendan Stuart

Right-of-Way: Equity and Economics of Off-Highway Vehicle Use
Ryan Sharp and Michael Bradley

Building a 21st Century Diverse Workforce and Inclusive Work Environment
Denise Barreto and Boe Carlson

Advancing Racial Equity: opportunities for outdoor recreation
Michelle Kellogg and Mickey Fearn

Cultivating Connections through Coworkers and Communities: An Overview of the East Bay Regional Park District’s Programs and Partnerships
Mona Koh, Philip Coffin, and Jaimee Rizzotti

Outcomes-Focused Management
Dorothy Morgan

NPLD Career Camp: Launching Careers and Volunteers
Emilyn Sheffield, Viviana Ruiz, and Martha Andrade

Sustainable Recreation: Innovative Engagement Approaches in Central Arizona
Tahnee Robertson, Chip Norton, Gayle Mabery, and Steve Ayers

May 4, 2017

A partnership approach to developing the Forest Service’s National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System
Meckenzie Helmandollar-Powell and Tim Farris

Community Connectivity. Creating a Regional Trail Network
John Rose and Ken Vonderscher

The Outdoors Profound Impact on Individual Development
Jeanne Braha

21CSC: Engaging the Next Generation
Paul Schmidt, Donna Richardson, Dave Bastian, and Lindsay Thalacker

Embrace mistakes: build your relevancy toolkit!
Kelly Grissman and Amanda Larson

Creating and Supporting a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
Rena Payan

Recreation Equity - Diversity and the US Forest Service
Francisco Valenzuela and David Flores

Listening, Engaging and Connecting People to Parks
Carla Schoof

The Technologically Engaged Millennial Outdoor Recreationist
Dawn Collins, Andrea Lichterman, Brenda Campbell, Gyan Nyaupane

Creating the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders: A Program Continuum
Patrick Stephens and Lauren Sinnott

Partnering with Philanthropic Foundations for a Relevant and Inclusive Future
Kristine Komar

Developed Outdoor Recreation Assessment Process (DORAP)
Peter Axelson

Recreational Boating: Identifying Trends and Assessing Benefits for Long Term Relevance
David Dickerson and Margaret Bailey

Marketing the Outdoors like Mad Men
Mimi Mather

Native American Perspectives on the Outdoors
Chas Robles, Aaron Lowden, Julia Bernal, Marshall Masayesva, Aaron Mike, and Lloyd Masayumptewa

Reducing Barriers: Through Outdoor Workshops and Gear Libraries
Krista Dooley and Brian Arnoldt

Nature Score: A Tool to Inspire Nature Play and Discovery
Carly Klein

Diversifying Recreationists & Opportunities at Hydro Projects
Mark Ivy, Tara Perry, Brad Harshman, and John Mintz

Landscape restoration as a tool for creating green infrastructure
Anat Gold

Innovation and Excellence in Long term Sustainability: Strategies for Achieving Zero Waste
Allison Gosselin

BLM Long Term Visitor Areas: A Recreational Strategy for Protecting the Public Lands and Serving “Snowbirds” in Arizona
Margaret Bailey, Arturo Lopez, and Bill Alexander

Closing the Gap: Innovative solutions for making outdoor recreation accessible to underserved and multicultural communities
Esmeralda Garcia

The Next Century Conservation Plan: A Plan to Connect ALL People with Nature in Chicagoland
Arnold Randall - General Superintendent, Forest Preserves of Cook County

Outcomes Plenary
Francisco Valenzuela – Southwestern Region Recreation Director, USDA Forest Service
Roxie Trost – Deputy State Director, Renewable Resources and Planning, Bureau of Land Management