SORP 2017/2018 Webinar Series

Developing Campgrounds for Today's Visitor

The nature of camping and the camping consumer continues to evolve. To keep you up to date on trends, SORP has created a five part webinar series providing cutting edge research and best practices on an array of camping and campground topics. Each of the webinars will involve professionals who have a depth of experience in the subject matter. Coming up next:

Webinar 4: Best Practices in Campground Design
March 14, 2018

This webinar will focus on important issues to contemplate in designing your campgrounds to adapt to changing product and market needs. As the 2017 North American Campground Report identified, different segments of the camping market desire different camping products. SORP has assembled two unique professionals with decades in campground design and operations. These professionals will present on:

1. Emerging trends in campground site design in private sector
2. Key Factors to evaluate as you contemplate a redesign
3. Ways to deal with key factors (e.g. size of sites, utilities, access, amenities)
4. Resources to leverage for supporting redesign


  • Understanding factors impacting a campground redesign
  • Gaining insight to strategies to address a redesign
  • Identifying resources available to leverage for redesign


Jayne Cohen
Partner, Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group
[email protected]
(800)897-8836 Ext 3

David Gorin
Partner, Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group
[email protected]
(800)897-8836 Ext 2

Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group is a world-class professional services organization exclusively serving the RV park and campground industry. With more than 100 years of combined experience in Outdoor Hospitality, Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group provides expert consulting services in all aspects of RV park, RV resort and campground design, development, investment and operations.

Jayne Cohen founded Jayne L Cohen & Associates in 2012 and has over 40 years of outdoor hospitality and customer service experience. She owned a large and very successful family camp resort in New Hampshire until it was sold in 2003. For 8 years, until the latter part of 2011 she was the President of Adventure Bound Camping Resorts, a privately owned company with 10 camping resorts.

Jayne has extensive knowledge and experience in park operations and uses her skills and experience to assist clients to improve their revenues and profits by creating better experiences for their guests and creating systems, procedures, and strategic plans to obtain a client's financial goals.

David Gorin founded David Gorin & Associates in 2002, the predecessor to the new Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group established in 2015. From 1987 to the end of 2001, he was the President and CEO of the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, an association which thrived and grew under his leadership for 14 years. He was inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in 2017. He is recognized as a leading expert on the RV park and campground business, consulting across the US, speaking widely before park owner audiences and regularly contributing articles to industry publications. He's consulted with hundreds of park owners and aspiring owners and developers on issues from A to Z - from accessibility to zoning and just about everything in between. He founded the National School of RV Park & Campground Management, Outdoor Hospitality magazine and the leading industry consumer Internet site, David established Best Parks in America in 2004, a national brand for highly-rated RV parks and campgrounds that he sold in 2011, and was the co-developer and owner of Holiday Cove RV Resort in Florida.

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