SORP 2017/2018 Webinar Series

Developing Campgrounds for Today's Visitor

The nature of camping and the camping consumer continues to evolve. To keep you up to date on trends, SORP has created a five part webinar series providing cutting edge research and best practices on an array of camping and campground topics. Each of the webinars will involve professionals who have a depth of experience in the subject matter. Coming up next:

Webinar 3: Best Practices in Cabin, Glamping and Bike Camping 
February 14, 2018

11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern

Presentation of 45 minutes in length followed by 15 minutes of discussion with questions and answers.
$45 for non-members, free for SORP members.

This webinar will focus on understanding the unique design and operational issues associated with
different camping types. As the 2017 North American Campground Report identified, different segments
of the camping market desire different camping products. SORP has assembled three presenters who
are experts in their fields to discuss:

  1. The suitability of different products and why you would consider them
  2. How the addition of these product types changes your operations
  3. Best ways to contemplate adding inventory to your sites
  4. Some potential suppliers/design guidelines/associations to consider
  5. Things you should think through before you add these types of amenities to your sites.


  • Understand the unique attributes of each camping type
  • Gain insight to operational issues for each site type
  • Understand what each camping type brings to the overall campground
  • Gain insight as to issues to consider as you contemplate adding these items
  • Identify resources to use for further evaluation.


Warren Meyer: Principal Recreation Resource Management of America
Owner and President
Recreation Resources Management
[email protected]

Marissa Williams: Operations and Strategic Partnerships Manager at Glamping Hub
Director of Strategic Partnerships,
Glamping Hub
[email protected]

Saara Snow: Travel Initiatives Coordinator, Adventure Cycling
Travel Initiatives Coordinator
Adventure Cycling Association
[email protected]

Warren Marr Bio

Since 2003, Warren Meyer has been owner and CEO of Recreation Resource Management (RRM), a private operator of approximately 150 public parks, campgrounds, and recreation facilities from California to Florida.  He is also past and incoming President of the National Forest Recreation Association and a board member of the California Parks Hospitality Association.  He is frequently consulted for his expertise on partnership issues, and has testified on relevant issues at hearings for the US Congress, as well as for state legislatures including California and Arizona.

RRM Overview

Twenty-five years ago, RRM was founded as a US Forest Service concessionaire.  The US Forest Service was an early leader in using public-private partnerships to cost-effectively keep recreation sites open and well-maintained, and RRM was one of the leading companies that helped to make the Forest Service program a success. Since 2002, RRM has added partnerships with the National Park Service and Tennessee Valley Authority at the Federal level; has partnered to operate whole parks and park concessions for a number of states including California, Arizona, Texas, and Alabama; and it has worked with a number of regional and local authorities, such as Coconino County in Arizona and the Lower Colorado River Authority in Texas to provide park management services.  In most of these partnerships, RRM it operates the entire recreation area.  In the last several years, most of RRM's operating contracts have been 30-year development contracts, wherein the company is tasked with redevelopment and capital improvement of the recreation area.  RRM now partners with public authorities to privately finance the sorts of renovations and improvements parks need to both reopen to the public and to remain relevant to visitor expectations. Web:


Marissa Williams Bio

Marissa Williams is the Operations and Strategic Partnerships Manager for Glamping Hub USA. She is responsible for managing the sales and host specialist teams within the organization, as well as developing relationships with organizations and brands that align with Glamping Hub’s core values.
Marissa has a passion for the outdoors and believes that the values Glamping Hub represents, Uniqueness, Nature, Experience and To-gather, applies not only to her work but to her personal life as well. Giving hosts and guests alike the chance to experience something special when they utilize the
Glamping Hub website, is the reason why she’s so passionate about the company. Marissa has worked with Fortune 500 companies, former Presidents and Prime Ministers, as well as athletes and media personalities over the course of her career in talent management and has brought
her extensive experience to the Glamping Hub team. Marissa holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism from Lehigh University.

Glamping Hub Overview

Glamping Hub is the world’s leading online booking platform for unique accommodations in nature. Since launching in 2014, almost 15,000 properties have decided to join the Glamping Hub community of guests and hosts. With more signing up each day, we now offer glamping sites on every continent except Antarctica. We handpick all our listings, to ensure an immaculately tailored collection of properties, and to maintain consistency and the highest standard of accommodation for our guests.

When travelers come to us to start their journey, the accommodation is the destination. Our high-quality glamping rentals are not an afterthought about where you’ll lay your head at night; they form an integral part of the luxury experience of a lifetime that allows you, as we say, to collect moments, not things. Web:


Saara Snow Bio:

Saara manages national partnerships and projects to improve bicycle travel conditions. She works with tourism and transportation agencies, national and state parks, Amtrak, and bicycle/trails groups to build bicycle tourism and promote multimodal travel. Saara has been a bike commuter all her life and is an avid bicycle traveler and mountain biker.

Adventure Cycling Overview:

As a nonprofit organization, Adventure Cycling Association’s mission is to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle. Established in 1973 as Bikecentennial, we are the premier bicycle travel organization in North America with more than 40 years of experience and 53,000 members. Adventure Cycling produces cycling routes and maps, organizes 100+ tours annually, publishes the award-winning Adventure Cyclist magazine, and advocates for better bicycle travel conditions. Phone: 800-755-BIKE(2453). Web:


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