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Cultivating Accessible Inclusive Outdoors - Presentation 

05-23-2024 13:30

Explore the great outdoors through a lens of accessibility in this engaging panel discussion. This sessions will delve into the vital topic of making natural environments more inclusive for everyone.

The presenter will shed light on the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities when enjoying outdoor spaces such as parks, trails, and recreational areas. Discover innovative solutions and inspiring initiatives that are reshaping how we think about and experience nature.

  1. Understanding Accessibility Challenges: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges individuals with disabilities encounter when accessing and enjoying outdoor spaces, including parks and trails.
  2. Exploring Innovative Solutions: Explore innovative solutions and initiatives that promote accessibility and inclusivity in natural environments, learning about the latest technologies and community-driven efforts.
  3. Lived Experience Insights: Acquire insights from thought leaders and panelists who share their lived experiences and expertise, providing a deeper understanding of the real-world impact of accessibility initiatives.
  4. Inspiration for Action: Leave the discussion with actionable takeaways and inspiration to contribute to making outdoor spaces more accessible and welcoming for individuals of all abilities, whether as a community member, advocate, or decision-maker.

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