Indigenous Values in Action Series

January 11, 2023: Native Lands, National Trails (NLNT)  (recording)

Native Lands, National Trails is an Indigenous mapping and research project of the Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS). Native Lands, National Trails provides basic resources and an interactive GIS map to help federal agencies that administer National Trails and their nonprofit trail organization partners advance National Trails System knowledge of Indigenous ancestral Lands and increase partnerships and collaboration with Indigenous Communities along National Scenic and National Historic Trails. 


  • Kiana Etsate-Gashytewa
  • Carin Farley

Partners of this project include Partnership for the National Trails System, Native Land Digital, Bureau of Land Management and Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps:



January 18, 2023: Cultural Landscape Training Framework  (recording)

In this webinar, we will walk through of the Cultural Landscape Training Framework. Created based on social-science research methods and collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indigenous coworkers in the recreation and conservation fields, The Training Framework outlines discrete steps to unlearning and relearning how outdoor professionals can embrace multiple perspectives of the Indigenous landscapes they work on. The training module outlines driving principles that can (hopefully) lead to increased engagement with Indigenous communities along the National Trail System, and give you tools to take that first step past acknowledgment toward decolonization. The Training Framework also has a Policy Reference Chart, a tool designed to make policy, legislation, and executive and secretarial orders more consumable, leading the user to more funding opportunities that align with administrative goals and equitable project building. Altogether, this webinar will show you new resources, new perspectives, and introduce you to a new way to understand law and policy that governs the ancestral land that America’s trails run through. The Training Framework will guide you to embrace a future of respect where Indigenous experts lead the way towards a greener, brighter future.


  • Amanda Grace Santos

Resources from Introduction StoryMap 

Resources from Partnership and Project Building Guide  

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January 25, 2023: Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps: Connecting Indigenous Values, People, and Land (recording)

Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps (ALCC) is a non-profit program of Conservation Legacy (CL). Their mission is to support local communities toward realization of their own goals and priorities in the areas of natural and cultural resource management. The presentation will highlight the programmatic vision and values of ALCC, examples of flagship projects, and how to engage with their work.


  • Kyle Trujillo

Instagram: @ancestrallands


February 1, 2023: Bringing Indigenous values into practice in park planning and design (recording)

Park planning and design often starts with the assumption that these spaces are enhanced by trails and outdoor recreation amenities. But many of these spaces have been, and continue to be, places of ceremony, worship, and sustenance for thousands of years and are sacred to Tribal members. This webinar examines the Eurocentric biases in park planning and design and how understanding Tribal connections, perspectives, and place names builds stronger convections between people and places. 


  • Brenda Williams
  • Bill Quackenbush
  • Samantha Odegard