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Upcoming Webinar

Environmental Education and Outdoor Recreation: Strategies for Impact

Registration is closed for this webinar - the attendance maximum has been reached. (2/16/17, 12:00 noon EST)

  • February 16, 2017 at 2:00 to 3:00 pm Eastern
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One AICP Continuing Maintenance credit is available for this webinar.  Although we will not be offering Continuing Education Units (IACET), we can provide you with proof of attendance and a description of the session upon request.


This webinar is specifically designed for land management personnel interested in the intersection between environmental education and outdoor recreation. Join us to learn more about the current landscape of environmental education, covering the big initiatives and research impacting the field at the local and national level.  It will also address current issues in the field with a focus on the role that land management personnel can play in addressing and alleviating these issues. Topics will include diversity and inclusion, public school integration, and connecting people to nature, to name a few. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will gain a basic introduction to the field of environmental education.
  2. Participants will gain a better understanding of current trends, research and issues in environmental education at the state and national level.
  3. Participants will learn what role land management personnel can play in addressing environmental education and alleviating issues facing the field.


  • Sarah Bodor, Director of Policy & Affiliate Relations, North American Association for Environmental Education
  • Ashley Hoffman, Executive Director, Kentucky Association for Environmental Education
  • Katie Navin, Executive Director, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

Last Webinar

An Interagency Approach to Visitor Use Management, November 2016
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Webinar Archive

The following videos and slides are posted on the member-only side of this website.

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