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SORP 2017/2018 Webinar Series

Developing Campgrounds for Today's Visitor

The nature of camping and the camping consumer continues to evolve. To keep you up to date on trends, SORP has created a five part webinar series providing cutting edge research and best practices on an array of camping and campground topics. Each of the webinars will involve professionals who have a depth of experience in the subject matter. 

The series will commence in October 2017 with information from the North American Camping report. Future webinar sessions will continue through 2018. Join us for this unique webinar series with information outdoor recreation professionals can use to improve and enhance the camping experience for their visitors.

Webinar 1: The Changing Face of Camping (video posted below)
Webinar 2: Understanding RV Consumer and Product Trends - (video posted below)
Webinar 3: Best Practices in Cabin, Glamping and Bike Camping - (video posted below)
Webinar 4: Best Practices in Campground Design - (video posted below)
Webinar 5: Developing the Business Case for Your Campground - May 23, 2018, 11am-12pm Pacific

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Recent Webinars and Resources

Best Practices in Campground Design, March 2018
The video is free to view, but you will be asked to provide your name and email. 
     Webinar Slides

Best Practices in Cabin, Glamping, and Bike Camping, February 2018
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     Webinar Slides 
     Woodalls Digital Magazine on Cabins
     Glamping Hub: Manufacturers / Vendors
     Resources from Adventure Cycling
     A Guide to Bicycle Camping
     Tourist on Two Wheels: Economics
     Tourist on Two Wheels: Welcoming Bicycle Travelers
     Tourist on Two Wheels: Why Bicycle Travel?

Understanding RV Consumer and Product Trends, January 2018
The video is free to view, but you will be asked to provide your name and email. 
     Webinar Slides 
     Additional research / presenter contact

RVIA Resources:
RVIA’s 2017 year in review video
RVIA Today – RVIA’s Quarterly Newsletter
Go RVing/Nielsen Study on the Next Generation of RVer – more detailed statistics on Go RVing’s target market and the next generation of RVer
Go RVing/Nielsen Overview Video –provides a visual overview of the Go RVing/Nielsen study
Benefits of Adopting the NFPA 1194 Standard for RV Parks and Campgrounds - This is a great resource to utilize as a benchmark when building, expanding, modernizing and maintaining an RV campground. The nationally recognized National Fire Protection Agency 1194 Standard for RV parks and Campgrounds works in concert with the NFPA 1192 standard for RV manufacturing, and provides minimum safety requirements for general design, fire safety, environmental health & sanitation, and establishes uniform definitions. It also includes valuable “annex” sections that address typical site plan safety, sanitary disposal stations, operational guidelines, detailed site layout drawings, examples of the variety of RV types and a comprehensive glossary with detailed descriptions.
RV Industry Economic Impact Study – Please feel free to utilize this interactive database to help underscore the significant economic impact the RV camping industry has in your state or region. Excellent tool to use when working with legislators or other government officials.
RV Business Indicators
Go RVing  Social Media Campaigns – feel free to “retweet” and utilize these resources to help promote the RV lifestyle and camping opportunities: FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTube 

The Changing Face of Camping, October 2017
The video is free to view, but you will be asked to provide your name and email.
     Webinar Slides (PDF, 3.4 MB) 
     2017 North American Camping Report (PDF, 21.6 MB)
     Questions and Answers from Webinar (PDF)

Webinar Archive

The following videos and slides are posted on the member-only side of this website.

  • Partnering for Relevancy and Inclusion:  A regional approach, August 2017
  • Environmental Education and Outdoor Recreation: Strategies for Impact, February 2017
  • An Interagency Approach to Visitor Use Management, November 2016
  • Best Practices for the Production of Recreation and Management Planning Documents, June 2016
  • Making the Case for Parks and Trails, January 2016
  • Long Distance Trails: think regionally, implement locally - October 2015
  • Trail Towns: Bringing Outdoor Recreation and Communities Together - July 2015
  • Evolving Market Trends for Outdoor Recreation Professionals - February 2015
  • Creating “Best of the Best” OHV Recreation Experiences - November 2014
  • GIS Applications in Outdoor Recreation Planning - June 2014
  • International Outdoor Recreation Planning Perspectives - February 2014
  • An Alternative Development and Analysis Exposé - November 2013
  • Collaboration and Public Participation in Outdoor Recreation Planning - July 2013
  • Keys to Effective Surveys - May 2013
  • Best of SCORP - August 2010